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BMW, as one of the biggest automotive companies in the world, has launched two powerful cars which is said to be running on electricity power. Besides the BMW i3, the company also launches the long-awaited BMW i8, which has been officially unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This advanced four-wheel-drive plug-in hybrid with performance to match an M3 and fuel economy to compete even the most economic Mini, was initially previewed by the Vision EfficientDynamics concept back in 2009.

At a glance, these two concepts seems to be pretty similar, but they are copletely different, considering that the new BMW i3 concept is completely using the full electricity power, while the BMW i8 concept is using partial regular engine and electricity. Beside that, another difference is that the i8 is built for sporty purpose while the i3 is made for urban ride.

Unfortunately, at this point, despite the fact that we have the official specs and some details, the German car maker say no word about pricing. However, it is known that the production i8 will launch in 2014 and, according to Ian Robertson, BMW’s global sales and marketing boss, “Our sales will strongly depend on legislation. Not only by big markets like the U.S. or China, but by local city authorities and their terms of taxation,” Robertson said. “If a city like Amsterdam or London decides that you get a tax reduction, then sales will boost.”

Expect the i8 to exceed the $150,000 limit, but this price is justified if the car will keep the main features of the concept, one of these features being the laser headlights, which will probably have a price tag around $1500 minimum. It seems pretty much for some headlight, but keep in mind that lasers currently on the market that hit around a watt are in the hundreds of dollars range. In addition to that, note that these are green/red lasers, whil blue is a relatively new tech and the price for a laser hitting tens or hundreds of watts is very likely to be 5-7 times more expensive, even in mass produced versions!

Considering its performances and its overall design we expect the new car to hit the market with a price tag somewhere between 125,000 and 175,000 euro (between $175,000 and $250,000 at the current exchange rates). The German automaker announced it will produce around 30,000 units within 5 years., but this remain to be seen.

If the rumors will be confirmed, then the BMW i8 will compete on the luxury market, with the Aventador of with the 599 from Ferrari.

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